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Michael Byars Lewis

Pilot and author Michael Byars Lewis is a man of various talents. Trained as an artist as a young man, he worked his way through college selling paintings and working as an illustrator for a Baton Rouge advertising agency.  After graduating from Louisiana State University, he did what every college graduate does . . . he moved to the beach to sell suntan lotion. After getting serious about life, he set his sights on a flying career, sold everything he had that would sell, and began taking flight lessons. His first flight, in a Cessna 152, was a memorable one. It took place on a grass runway and the first approach to land had to go around because a cow was on the runway! Things improved from there and Michael went on to a distinguished military and civilian flying career  in a variety of high performance aircraft.  A professional pilot, he has accumulated over 5,000 flying hours in military and civilian flying, including his time as an airline pilot flying the 737-200 and the 737-800.

Many years ago, Michael was contemplating writing a book and had the opportunity to meet with the late western author, Johnny Quarles.  This was an inspirational meeting and Johnny's words of encouragement resonated with Michael for years.  What had started out as a glimmer of an idea, quickly evolved into SURLY BONDS, Michael's first novel.  It was a long, hard road since pen was first put to paper . . . and several computers later . . . here we are.  Michael's adventures have given him the opportunity to travel around the world but he lives happily in Navarre, Florida with his wife Kim.  SURLY BONDS is his first novel.

SURLY BONDS is published via SATCOM Publishing. Feedback on the book has been great! Let us know what you think!

They said it would be the highest of highs and the lowest of lows...

In 1995, Jason Conrad, Second Lieutenant United States Air Force wanted to be a pilot. Struggling through pilot training, all he wanted to do was graduate and fly jets.  But Jason has a secret, one too big to keep hidden for long and his struggles in pilot training soon became overshadowed by gambling, scandal, and murder. Jason must decide what is more important in his life, his relationships or his career, as he discovers the recently declared dead 'Cold War' is alive and well. He quickly finds himself injected into the Presidential race of 1996, engaged in a deadly race against time. In his first action packed novel, Michael Byars Lewis weaves a complex thriller that takes you on a wild adventure filled with twists and turns from the skies over Enid, Oklahoma to the streets of Moscow and will leave you guessing until the very end!